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This one page guided template will save you time, help you develop content, and give you confidence in developing your homepage!


This template will help you...

Save Time

I created this template to save myself hours of time when creating a new homepage. In the design world, that could save my client hundreds of dollars! This is why I want to offer it to you to use for your site development. I want to help you with the small details so you can spend your time on the fun stuff.

Develop Content

The hardest and most time consuming part of creating a website is the content creation process. This template not only has a place for all content but writing prompts to help you think of what you want to say about your website

Be Confident

This template is set up with perfect sections, menu, and links to provide clarity and functionality on your finished site. Rest assured knowing you have the content and structure in place for a professional and  functional homepage.

Use Again and Again

Many designers want multiples licenses purchased to use their products more than once. But my focus here is helping YOU! Once you purchase this you can use it as many times as you want.

Purchase now for $60
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