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Hey, I'm Emily!

I help solopreneurs take their Wix websites to the next level.

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Let's work together

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Monthly Group

Join the Community of solopreneurs just like you who are building Wix sites! live work sessions, workshops, site audits and more!


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Let's take a look at your site together and get your questions answered over a Zoom call. Click below to fill out the consultation request form.

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Site Audit

Would you like some feedback on your Wix site? In a site audit I will record and send you a video audit with a checklist of ideas to take your site to the next level!

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Wix Collective Inner Circle Support Group

Everything you need to create, maintain and grow a Wix website as a solopreneur.

Weekly trainings, work sessions, site audits, and more.

Community of solopreneurs just like you.

Get access to the exclusive forum.

Free Resources

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